In the very popular game that you won't let your kids play, but you and/or your significant other play it all the time when they're in bed, Grand Theft Auto V, there are signs advertising a 10 Slice Bacon Triple Cheese Melt. This looked so good I had to make my own.

I did intend on eating it once I was done, but I didn't my jaw to dislocate so I opted to build it, take a picture, then dismantle it to create a couple of cheeseburgers that were edible. It wss really good, though.

The easy way is to buy as many things as you need from any fast food place and build from there but if you want to make your own, there wasn't much to it.

I used an 85/15 ground beef seasoned with salt, pepper, a dash of old bay and thyme. You'll want to make the patties as flat as possible so accommodate it's giant size.

The bacon should be baked in the oven, not in the pan so the bacon doesn't curl. When baking bacon in the oven it stays nice and flat.

For the cheese, although I'm a Tillamook guy myself, I used Kraft american cheese slices.

This is a heart attack waiting to happen so unless you're a marathon runner or sumo athlete, even I might recommend against eating one of these. And this is coming from me, the guy who made beer battered california rolls.