Courtesy of the Official Facebook Page of The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is coming up just around the corner! I get excited because you're supposed to wear a big hat, pretty dress, and sip on a mint julep (optional) and chew on some fried chicken! It's a fun quadfecta!

So then tell me why I have missed catching it on tv for the past 5 years? It's pathetic, really, especially since I'm from Nashville, TN, and Louisville is practically a stone's throw away (enough to feel like Nashville's cousin).

This year, I will not miss the Kentucky Derby because a friend of mine is having a KD themed birthday party. I'm so excited to finally have a reason to wear a dress with a big hat, you have no idea. Or I could always go for the Lola look (from Shark Tale) for the horse races. LOL
Want to know who's favored to win? Click the link here.