After it was announced that David Letterman was going to retire in 2015, t he first question that came to mind for many was: "Who is going to take his place?

While there are several great candidates -- and, no doubt, it'll be one of the many who already have a talk show, like Craig Ferguson or Chelsea Handler -- I propose this list of possible replacements from right here in Yakima.

Dave Ettl

The best part is they'd only need to change the last name, and can even use the same letters in the previous sign, just rearrange them a bit. Dave Ettl, who hosts the morning talk show on News Talk KIT, was Yakima's Ron Burgundy for many years, anchoring local TV newscasts. He is already known in the community and can pull an interview out of anyone much the same as he pulls rabbits out of hats on the weekend.

Thane Phelan

Thane has been in Yakima radio for many years on many stations and even ran a record store in the ’90s. He is currently vice president of the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce and has hosted many events. He's digitally savvy enough and could do things David Letterman couldn't do to appeal to younger audiences.

Ryan Messer

Because why not? It's hard not to like Ryan Messer after taking a few seconds to get to know him. He's always full of positive energy and loves making sure you're having a good time. He makes anyone feel comfortable in any setting and has your best interest in mind. Hospitality through the roof. So long as wine was provided, it'd make a great show every night.

Reesha on the Radio

It's high time we have a female nighttime talk show host. Reesha could bring her experience of interviewing celebrities on the radio to hosting local television shows. If David Letterman started out as a weatherman, Reesha can host the night show all the same.

Me! (John Riggs)

Hey, now! I gotta throw my name in the hat.

Who do you think from Yakima could take David Letterman's spot? Tell us in the comments.