If you popped in the Sundome during the Central Washington State Fair, you have have walked by this display of video games. You might see people playing classic video games like Super Mario Bros and Contra, but how is it legal - or is it? And is there really 76,000 games on there?

Here's what I can tell you from my side of things. As far as I know, these devices that can play all of these classic video games are legal because the Famicom's (Nintendo in Japan) patent on hardware expired in the mid 2000's so the actual device sold to play these games are probably as legal as Retron systems or other 'clones' that can play classic video games off of.

The games that are built into the system, however, may be infringing on copyright issues. So when it comes to the games themselves, I'm not so sure on that.

And, if you're wondering if there really is 76,000 games on there, the answer is that there are 76,000 options, but only about 50-100 different games, there may be a slight variation of those same games. Still, if you want to relive some classics and don't have access to a Nintendo, it's all just for fun.