Dear Casey, I have a request and dedication. You are my favorite old skool dj. I used to listen to you on the radio, and I would be under the covers in bed, supposed to be fast asleep, but I’d rather listen to you wax on ad infinitum about who was No. 1 on the charts!

You have inspired me to become the woman I am today, a woman who gets to bring laughter and joy to thousands of radio listeners across the land.

Your wife has hidden you away from your family. You are missing and you may be hiding out in Washington state on a Native American reservation. A judge has ordered an investigation, and I’m hoping you can help us locate you. Leave us a trail of Scooby Snacks or crackers or something so we can find you.

Your kids miss you so much. You are in all our thoughts.


Reesha On The Radio in The Morning Maddhouse