Courtesy of Youtube

So there I was online, munching on some Bazooka gum left in a bucket in the KFFM studios, just minding other people's business and giggling at a few gossip stories, when all of the sudden, this video beckoned me to click on it.

I cannot unsee the horror.

Amanda Bynes, honey, um, what the he11 is wrong with you, boo? What was this video all about? You look like you're tripping off that molly or something!

First of all, the year 1991 just called and want their "grunge heaux" look back. Your WEAVE is all jacked up, with your extensions looking all kinds of fugly. It's unbeweavable! And, come on man, I've seen better makeup on clowns (no offense to clowns). And ooh, girl, that "Duck Face" is sooooo 2011. Finally, if you're going to do a video of yourself in your bathroom, at least clean it up first, you already know people are going to talk smack about your dirty house.

That being said, I will applaud your taste in music. I LOVE THAT SONG! DJ Encore ft. Engelina's "I See Right Through To You" is the cut from back in the day!