American Idol begins tonight and I cannot wait much longer! I'll have a tv set in the studio so that I can watch it in the break room while I'm work! (Don't act like you don't do that sometimes, too!)

First of all, I want to know if AI will show the fight between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, specifically the one where the B-Word was flying around the room. Talk about va va voom!

I admit, over the past few years I couldn't have given ONE flying flip about American Idol. But now that REAL divas are in the house, I have GOTTA see the hair! The makeup! The outfits! The cattiness! And that's just with Ryan Seacrest!

So come back here after you've watched tonight and leave me a comment: Who do you think is going to be the best judge this season on American Idol?