With the recent wildfires we've had all over the United States, and especially in our back yard, it dawned on me that there aren't many video games featuring firefighters. We have hundreds of games featuring zombie hunters, vampire warriors and even video games based on real wars, which is fine, but as firefighters are about as noble as any comic super hero, I think it's only fair that we get more games featuring firefighters to showcase and spotlight them as the heroes they are. It's not much, but here are five video games featuring firefighters.


Atari 2600
This simplist, yet fun, game for the old Atari 2600 had you put out the fire and help the flailing man in the building reach safety.

Firehouse Rescue

Presented by Fisher-Price, this game had you drive around town that's set up like a maze and has you do other firefighter duties like saving cats from trees and smiling people from buildings. Although I haven't played this game much, I don't remember anything actually on fire. We wouldn't want to scare little kids playing this, I guess.

Burning Rangers

Sega Saturn
This game is actually a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it was only available for the Sega Saturn which is a system that didn't do too sell in the U.S. You play an anime-esque character that shoots fire using kind of an aqua-gun in a 3D environment.

Firefighter F.D. 18

PlayStation 2
Unfortunately, it took video game history to get up to the PlayStation 2 to make an actual firefighter game. This game features you as an actual firefighter rescuing survivors from burning area. The survivors have their own lifeline so you gotta get to them quickly!

Real Heroes: Firefighter

Putting you inside the shoes and suit of a firefighter, this first-person game has you use your Wii-remote to control the fire hose as you go about your mission objectives.

Honorable Mention

Umjammer Lammy

UmJammer Lammy was the psudo-sequel to Parappa the Rapper where you match the other player's tune to how you play the guitar. Although you don't play a firefighter in this game, the second stage has you performing with a firefighter as the building is on fire in this funky, catchy tune. If you want to have a tune stuck in your head for the rest of day, fast-forward to the 2:20 mark.

And I am completely aware of Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube but, to be fair, his water-blasting suit removes paint and graffiti, not fire (usually).

If they made a new Firefighter game for today's game systems, would you pick it up?