When it comes to french fries, I wouldn't consider myself 'king' by any means. In fact, to be honest, I usually don't order french fries so they have to be amazing for me to opt for those instead of any other side. Here are my favorite french fries in Yakima.

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    Jack in the Box

    Bacon & Cheddar Potato Wedges

    Boy, I sure love fried potato wedges, bacon and cheese - I only wish there was a way to combine all of those ingredients into a convenient, eat-with-a-fork kind of manor. Fortunately our friends at Jack in the Box have just that. They take their potato wedges, dump some cheese and bacon on them and Viola, pure awesomeness!

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    Burger Ranch

    Bag o' Fries

    When in doubt, get the Bag o' Fries from Burger Ranch. In Yakima, Burger Ranch is probably better known for their fry sauce than their actual fries, but the fries are good and cheap. Don't tell my nutritionist this, but there were a few days in high school where my lunch consisted of nothing more than the Bag O' Fries. The wrinkle cut makes'em special to me.

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    Red Robin

    Bottomless Steak Fries

    The steak fries are seasoned with a special blend that the only way to heal your tongue is to eat more steak fries. Good thing you get an unlimited amount with your food. Although I like them with the original recipe just fine, I always opt for the garlic parmesan.

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    Spuds McVays

    Central Washington State Fair, other live events

    These beer battered french fries from a family in Selah are a hit, whether I'm going through the drive through at Majors or hitting up their stand at Moxee Hop Festival, Central Washington State Fair and other outdoor events. These Spuds McVay's are a beer battered french fry that's best enjoyed super-fresh. Beer aside, there's another secret ingredient that, as much as I've tried, they won't share what it is. Whatever it is, it's working.

    (update: These were originally at Major's restaurants. They now serve their own beer-battered fries - which are still awesome)

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    Bert's Pub (update: now closed)

    Fries with Fry Sauce

    There's a little something special about these fries that I can't quite place my finger on. Instead of trying to figure it out I just kick back and enjoy these. Anytime my friends and I go to Bert's Pub I'll get an order of these from the get-go to share with everyone. There's a special fry sauce they blend with a spicy kick to them that my wife absolutely adores.

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