Ever since we lost our Blockbuster stores on 56th and on 5th, it was only a matter of time until the rest of the Blockbusters would close, too. Unfortunately for those who love the chain of entertainment establishments, that time is now. I have a lot of great memories about this place, but there was also a time they left a very bitter taste in my mouth - and it wasn't the stale candy.

There are only about 300 Blockbuster stores across the country. Yakima has one of them and it looks like it's going to close it's doors for good as well. Not just the retail store, but the 'dvds in the mail' service much like Netflix offers will also come to a complete halt as soon as January 2014.

They're not blaming Netflix, though. They say digital distribution like 'Movies on Demand' is what more are going for so they're shifting focus on offering streaming movies via Blockbuster Now and Dish will handle the rights to that.

On a personal note, I used to live a block away from the Blockbuster in the Nob Hill Plaza. Although I had plenty of options in the 90s ranging from Crazy Mike's Video to Video Update, I was still visit Blockbuster as they had a decent anime selection for it's time and they had a lot of video games the other places didn't have. I was the second customer ever in that store (the first was my next-door neighbor who ran under my legs just to be first) and it was a nice option to have in my neighborhood.

There was also the time there was an instance where someone broke in, stole a TV and some merchandise and accused me of doing the deed, complete with police knocking on my door to take me to the police station to take a lie detector test. (of which I passed, of course)

Still, I have to feel bad for the employees who will be out of work and that Blockbuster was a staple to the corner of the Nob Hill Plaza and I'll miss it once it's gone.