Britney Spears is being sued by a marketing company that says it was cut out of her lucrative fragrance business.

Access Hollywood reports that Brand Sense Partners is suing Britney and her father Jamie Spears for $10 million they claim should have been paid after the Spears negotiated a royalties deal with Elizabeth Arden last year. Brand Sense is supposed to get a 35 percent commission on sales of the singer’s fragrances, and now it seems they want a piece of the royalties pie, too.

The company has been working with Spears since the launch of her first fragrance, Curious in 2004. And that 35 percent was a big deal — Curious did $100 million in sales during its first five weeks on the market. Since then, Spears’ fragrances Fantasy, Believe and Circus have all done well, and so have their derivative products.

Who was it that said “the more money we come across, the more problems we see?” Yeah, well, whoever it was, they were right. And the more money Spears rakes in, the more people there will be coming after a piece of the pie.

via Britney Spears Fragrance Lawsuit - $10 Million | Styleite.