No weird wildlife on this outdoor experience -- closest thing to a monster anybody saw was the garbage truck slamming Dumpsters by our KFFM rig around 6:30 this morning.

After one night, we're good with being in a bedroom community like Selah. The accommodations are great.

We're broadcasting live for 107 consecutive hours from King's Row in Selah during this year's Community Days celebration. We're trynig to call attention to Team Eli, which is helping raise money for Children's Village on behalf of Eli Berkheimer. Eli's family wants to pay it forward to Children's Village and the Children's Miracle Network to show their gratitude for the help Eli received in his first weeks of life.

If you want to learn more about Eli's story, watch this video.

Meantime, we're stocked on snacks, stoked on caffeine and ready to roll this Friday -- it's just getting started!

Come visit us -- we have music, prizes and tickets to Lady Gaga's show in Seattle this month.

No, really. Come visit. The garbage guys have left, so you don't have to worry about anybody accidentally dumping your car or something.