Captain America: The Winter Soldier just hit theaters and, almost as much as people want to see the film, they want to stay after the movie is over to see what kind of bonus scenes they have. Marvel has been doing this for a while and even the last film had 2 bonus scenes. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is no exception.


only continue reading if you want to be spoiled

Mid-credit Scene:
Baron von Strucker is revealed and he has hold of Loki's spear from the first Avengers movie. He's talking to a doctor and the doc asks him about "the twins." The camera pans and you see 2 people in clear holding cells, Quicksilver darting quickly around from wall to wall and Scarlet Witch juggling some blocks in the air. Camera zooms in on Scarlet Witch and she gets this menacing look on her face and tears the blocks away and the credits keep rolling.

After the Credits:
Camera is panning across a Captain America exhibit at a museum which you're introduced to at some point in the movie. Eventually it stops on a board that has information about Bucky and it shows Winter Soldier staring at the information with a very intense look on his face. Camera sits on him with that look for a while before the scene finally comes to a close.