'Call Me Maybe' singer, Carly Rae Jepsen, revealed to our Ryan Seacrest (10am-3pm M-F) that she does indeed, gotta man!

When the host with the most asked Jepsen if she had a boyfriend, she replied, “I do, I do, I do.” And he’s not a golddigger, either, because they got together pre-fame! “Pre I guess,” she said of her level of superstardom when they began dating. “Pre world. I mean a little bit of something going on in Canada, but nothing compared to all of this!”

Not only does Jepsen have a pretty sweet love life of her own, but she’s also helping others land their own lovahs — in the form of a song you may have heard once or twice or a zillion times, ‘Call Me Maybe.’ Recently a new viral was made to the track, in which an attractive guy asks girls out using the lyrics to Jepsen’s summer hit, which turns out to be fail-proof.

“Wow, 100 percent success rate, this is like Cupid!” Jepsen squealed. “I love it. I’ve had it said to me before, I’m not going to lie, it’s quite adorable when it happens.”

Though the video is pretty precious, it’s not necessarily her favorite viral just yet. There are other cuties who are winning so far. “I don’t think I’ve seen all of them,” Jepsen said of ‘Call Me Maybe’ covers, “but I’ve seen enough to be pretty blown away. I saw the Cookie Monster one the other day. ‘Sesame Street,’ man. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

by: Jessica Sager/Pop Crush