At the Untapped Blues and Brews Festival in Tri-Cities over the weekend, I noticed this 'kid' behind one of the taps. As it turns out, this youngster has more beer brewing experience than others and is very skilled at what he does.

The Untapped Blues and Brews Festival lets you try beers from around the region. Whitstran is one I'm familiar with out of Prosser and they had what they called their Steamy Cream California Ale on tap. According to Carson, it's their post popular beer. It was very good! When we complimented it to their team, the older guy pointed to this younger guy and said, "He's the guy who brewed it!" I made a reference to him looking like he was 12 (which, in retrospect, probably wasn't very nice of me so I apologize, Carson!) and we started talked about it a bit.

Yeah, as it turns out, Carson is only 21-years-old so, yes, he is of legal drinking age, but knows what makes a good beer. He learned everything from the brewmaster, Larry, and he says it's fun and enjoyable and he really likes it.

If you're ever in Prosser, or even driving through I-82, it's worth a stop. You can always get a growler to go. If not, Carson does mention that Fiesta Foods throughout the area has it available, but I wouldn't be surprised if you see it pop up at the Beer Shoppe and other local stores on occasion and in the near future.