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Is Yakima Synonymous With Violence?
Before I moved to Yakima I heard how violent and nasty it was. Once I moved here I found that it was actually quite pleasant and, with all the rolling hills and trees, more attractive than I had been led to believe. I was also told that the violence has subsided greatly from what it was 15-20 y…
Scenes From Yakima’s First Food Truck Rally [PHOTOS]
I went to the food truck rally over the weekend and had a blast!
There were about a dozen or so trucks, a spot for some beer and a few hundred people.
I heard that the food truck vendors were expecting nowhere near the amount of people who showed up, so most vendors ran out of food before the 6 p...
At The Park With D-Rez: Chesterley Park
So lately it's nothing but sunshine in the Yakima Valley. A perfect day to go to a park. And have picnic, enjoy the views of Yakima, and do some grilling. You can do all of that and more at Chesterley Park, located right off of 40th Ave.

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