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I Love NXT!!! The WWE Divas Revolution is Here
Last night in Brooklyn can be summed up in one word: Electrifying!
The WWE match between Sasha Banks and Bayley for the NXT Women's Championship stole the show.
That, my friends, was the prelude to The Main Event at Wrestlemania. It easily is a Match of the Year candidate...
Yakima’s Randall Park To Get $1 Million Facelift
Yakima's Randall Park, spread over 40 acres south of Nob Hill Boulevard between
44th and 48th avenues, now has more than $1 million available to fund major improvements. A $500,000 state grant, combined with more than $600,000 in local donations and matching funds, will help address several…
Five Ways to Stay Cool in Yakima
With record temperatures coming to our area, it's bound to be a hot one, for sure. Whether you have air conditioning or not, here are a few ways to stay cool this summer.
Best Mexican Restaurants in Yakima — Riggs’ Top Five
One thing about growing up in Yakima is you know what real Mexican food is -- and isn't.
I'll tell you what it's not. It's not when your taco is in a crunchy shell with ground beef, lettuce and tomatoes. It's delicious, but that's not the taco I grew up with...
Yakima’s Biggest _________?
Here at "The BIG Show" we are getting geared up for Yakima's BIGGEST Yard Sale on May 9 at J.M. Perry Tech.
With that, we wondered: What are some of Yakima's other "biggest" things?
This Is What a Dream Bed Looks Like
Every queen deserves to sleep on a luxury bed. Some divas need shoes or diamonds to make them happy, I just need a dream bed. (I am very low maintenance LOL!)
Late Saturday night, Derek from Sleep Country USA helped me pick out everything with a sleep test, and then by Sunday evening, I was getting t…

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