Create a Personalized Snowflake Using Just Your Name!
A few years ago, we showed you how you could put your house inside a virtual snowglobe (Thanks, creepy Google Earth!)
This year, something that is all you, and that is as unique and individual as a snowflake.
A virtual snowflake made with YOUR name...
Five Do’s & Don’ts of Office Christmas Parties
The Top Five Do’s & Don’ts of Office Holiday Parties

Do not get drunk.
Do not tell your co-workers what you REALLY think of them (or their spouse).
Do not give lingering hugs to your office crush.
Get a designated driver so you can enjoy yourself without worrying …
What Is Open On Christmas Day?
For the first time since my daughter, Willow, has been born, I will be alone on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. She is going to the west side to spend the holidays with her father. So please help me figure out what a single parent can find to do in the Yakima Valley on Christmas Day! I need some id…

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