General Mills Giving Away Boxes of Marshmallow-Only Lucky Charms
Anyone who says the best thing about Lucky Charms is those celtic-shaped oat pieces is lying. Sure, it's a favorite cereal by many, but the cereal just gets in the way of those marshmallows. Fortunately, Lucky Charms is doing a contest where they're giving away boxes of just the marshmallo…
Grab Free Movies via KFFM’s YouTube Channel
As if you needed another reason to subscribe to our YouTube, we have a stockpile of free movie download codes. We'll be posted them on our YouTube channel. If you're first to type in the movie promo code, you get to keep it!
Winner of Our NKOTB Total Package Package Announced
We've been grabbing qualifies for our Total Package Package featuring tickets to see New Kids on the Block, Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men at the Key Arena with overnight stay at Hotel Nexus in Seattle. We're happy to announce the winner!
Duck Tape Prom Wear Could Get You $50,000 In Scholarship Money
I love Duck Tape but I never suspected that the use of duck tape could get your kids $50,000 in scholarship money!
I am blown away at some of these creations and the winner's outfits are crazy good and worth $50,000!
The Annual Stuck At The Prom contest has been going on for several years

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