Washington State’s Favorite Jelly Bean is no Juicy Secret
I used to be a fan of jelly beans. Not to any great level, but thought it was fun when we had that candy store at the Yakima Mall to fill up with random flavors. I had a few favorites and, fortunately, one of my favorites was listed as Washington state's favorite on this list.
Easter Cadbury Egg Cheese Cake
Being obsessed with cheese cake, I stumbled across this super-yummy recipe just in time for Easter.
If you are a big fan cheese cake like I am, check out www.tamingtwins.com for this delicious recipe.
Happy Easter!
Magic Reverse Easter Eggs
Easter is the next big holiday on the calender. So here is a video to show you how to shake up your Easter and make people ask, "How did you do that?" Plus, this is probably one of the healthier ways to eat an egg.
If You Have Cats, Don’t Have Lilies for Easter
With Easter comes all of the floral arrangements to brighten up your house. Easter lilies, tiger lilies, Asiatic lilies and Japanese show lilies sure look and smell nice, but they could be fatal for your cats and kittens at home.

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