New Texting Terms Your Kids are Using that You Should Know
It all started when Tigger announced 'TTFN' to his friends in the 100-Acre Woods that people learned you could abbreviate phrases and it all went downhill from there. For a while everyone was using lol for 'laughing out loud' but then more and more phrases started popping up, many of them a secret c…
Insane Inflatables 5 K Brings The Fun For Families [VIDEO]
It was a beautiful day for Insane Inflatables at the Benton County Fairgrounds In Kennewick, Washington. I grabbed some snap shots and some video and even had a chance to go the top of the start and announce a wave and ended up getting knocked over.
At the top of the inflatable, it was like being on …
Monday Morning Quarterback: Mother’s Day 2017 Recap
I hope all the moms in the valley had a very happy Mother's Day!
What did you do, Mamas?
Since I am a single mom, there was no suitor to spoil me with fabulous and expensive presents for Mother's Day, like my friend C., who posted a lovely pic of all of her gifts (which included a new pair of Christia…
Classic Play Steel Magnolias To Be Performed In Yakima
You know the movie, you might know the book but do you know the play "Steel Magnolias"?
I had a chance to talk with Gina, Cheryl and Andrea (who are playing the characters of M'Lynn, Clairee and Annelle) about the upcoming performance in Yakima through The Warehouse Theatre.
Will Yakima Ban Grocery Store Plastic Bags?
One of my pet peeves in life is when grocery store cashiers put one or two items in a plastic bag. Before I know it, I'm walking out of the store with about 15 plastic bags for only five or six items. OY!!
Grocery store plastic bags are being banned in some places, and Washington state may …
Tuesday Open-Mic Comedy Nights
So I heard from some friends who are comedians here in Yakima that there are some places that do open-mic comedy. So basically it's a place for people who are trying stand-up comedy for the first time or for comedians who have doing comedy for awhile and need a place to practice their new jokes…

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