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LIKE or UNLIKE: ShayCarl – The Socks Song [POLL]
A few weeks back we debuted The Socks Song by vlogger ShayCarl. It's a funky little ditty that'll have you tapping your argyled socks. What do you think of the tune? Is it just a novelty or does it deserve to be played on the air? Take the poll and let us know - LIKE or UNLIKE?
LIKE or UNLIKE: Cookie Dance by Chip Chocolate [POLL]
In our latest attempt to find the best music in the world, we present this fun song to you. Introducing Chip Chocolate with 'Cookie Dance'. What do you think? LIKE or UNLIKE? Take the poll and let us know if this is a song you'd like to hear on the air.
Like or Unlike: Justin Fehler’s ‘Adrenaline’ [POLL]
Our latest LIKE or UNLIKE comes to us from our neck of the woods, Edmonds, Washington.
Meet Justin Fehler. He's certainly making a name for himself in the music scene with a video that's already garnered more than 170,000 hits!
Watch the video, listen to the song and vote on if we should pla…