Ways to Help on ‘Giving Tuesday’
After a weekend gauntlet of shopping from Black Friday to Small Business Saturday onto Cyber Monday the next day is reserved for Giving Tuesday. It's a day where you can help by giving to a non-profit organization, school, foundation or even someone you know that could use the extra assistance.…
10 Businesses to Bring Back to Yakima
I'm very nostalgic. I love old movies, old video games, old cartoons I grew up with and more. I have fond memories of many businesses I grew up with. Fortunately, many of those business still exist today, but there are several I wish I could go back in time and visit...
Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards for 2015
With Christmas coming soon, a popular gift idea is the gift of choosing your own gift. Gift cards come in handy when you know what stores they like but don't quite know what to give them. CardHub released a list of the most popular gift cards...
Six Ways to Prevent Drowsy Driving
This week is Drowsy Driving Prevention week with the Washington State Patrol. Driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated - it's that serious. Here's ways to prevent yourself from having a fatal accident from drowsy driving.
John Riggs’ List of ‘Don’ts’ for Sushi
I love sushi! I'm not even sure love is a strong enough word. There's something about these bite-sized pieces of goodness that I can't get enough of.
Like many foods that aren't from the United States, sushi comes with tradition and manners on how to eat it...
Animals You Can’t Keep as Pets in Washington State
It's not uncommon for someone to keep a dog or a cat as a pet. You'll also find many who have birds, hamsters, turtles and even ferrets as pets, but what can you not have as a pet in Washington state? Here's a small list. Are you surprised by any of them?
Central City Comic Con Survival Guide
Central City Comic Con, Yakima's first comic convention, is set to take over the Yakima Convention Center this weekend (Oct. 23-25).
If it's your first time attending this sort of event, you'll want to make sure you're prepared. Here are a few things you should consider...
Places in Yakima That are Probably Haunted
With Halloween coming up, there are many stories, fables and myths surrounding places in and around the Yakima Valley. Although I don't have much as far as proof goes, here is a list of places that are probably haunted.

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