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Toys For Tots With USMC – They Need Volunteers & Toys
As always, we are a huge supporter of the United States Marine Corp and their toy drive they do every year since 1943! But they need our help because they have raised so many toys, they need people to help to fill the bags before they distribute them on December 19th!
Oswald’s Lover Still Claims His Innocence To This Day
The former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald recently gave an interview where she claims that the suspected assassin of President John F. Kennedy was entirely innocent of pulling off the coup de tat.
She goes as far as to say that he actually SAVED the president's life three weeks prior to the ass…
Crazy Car Chase in New Mexico Gone Wild
Check out this crazy car chase with a mom and her family in New Mexico. Two were arrested from the family and the mom was thrown in jail. Watch close as one of the officers shoot at the van with kids in the car while it drives away.
Beginner’s Guide To Fantasy Football
I just joined my first fantasy football team, and we had our draft last night on Yahoo! Sports online. Our FF league is created and maintained by 12 women who have absolutely no idea how to do fantasy football. We searched high & low for helpful tips and videos, but it was like trying to cra…
Twitter Hashtag War Takes Over #ABCReports
I love to keep up with what's trending on twitter; they never let me down when I need a good laugh.
Today was no exception.
#ABCreports was a trending hashtag earlier this morning, so I clicked on it and found out that twitter was going HAM on the ABC News tv network because of a ridiculous tweet…

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