What’s More Important in Toilet Paper? Strong or Soft?
It's the question that might cause fights if you have disagreeing opinions under the same roof. When it comes to your TP, what do you prefer? Strong or Soft?
Toilet Paper: Strong or Soft?
I prefer strong because I don't want to accidentally rip through the toilet paper when I'm taking c…
‘Batman vs. Superman’ — Love It Or Hate It? [POLL]
"Batman vs. Superman" made over $400 million this weekend, making it easily DC Comics' highest grossing opening weekend ever -- but the critics have trounced it. I saw it twice over the weekend, once at The Majestic and again Sunday night at The Sunnyside Grand Cinema. I think…
Are You Married But Don’t Wear Your Wedding Ring? [POLL]
Your wedding ring isn't just a decorative piece on your left finger. I'm sure it symbolizes love or something rooted back hundreds of years. But really, it shows if you're taken or not.
I'm learning more and more people aren't wearing their wedding rings, even though they&apo…
What Do You Prefer? Beer or Cider? [POLL]
In recent years, the beer and cider industry has grown exponentially. Given the option, and if 'both' weren't the answer (although it always is), do you prefer beer or cider -- or the other way around?

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