Which Yakima Valley High School Has The Best Logo? [POLL]
I love sports logos! It's probably because I've been a Los Angeles Rams fan since I could walk. I still own a replica Rams helmet with white horns. Former Rams halfback Fred Gerhrke created the first helmet logo in the NFL when he painted ram horns on the side of their helmets back in 1948…
Do You Eat and Drive? [POLL]
Earlier today we were talking about the 'hit and run' story on a lady who was running from the cops, they noticed what they thought was blood on her face but turns out it was bbq sauce from the wings she was eating while driving off. This got me thinking, do people really eat something as …
Did You Get ‘Con Crud’ at Central City Comic Con?
It's inevitable. You're in an area full of people, breathing each other's air as you would on an airplane and you end up getting sick. This happens often at conventions. It's been coined "con crud." Did you get it while attending Central City Comic Con?
Should Schools Let Students Smoke E-Cigarettes? [POLL]
The mother of a 14-year-old boy who had his e-cigarettes confiscated at school has lit up a heated controversy.
But so far, Mason Dunn's mom, Sue, hasn't persuaded officials at her son's school, Great Britain's Kearsley Academy in Greater Manchester, to change their minds...
Have You Been Hypnotized? [POLL]
My wife opted to get hypnotized at the Central Washington State Fair for the first time. She said it was quite an experience! She knew things weren't real, however, she was compelled to do everything he asked. Have you ever submitted yourself to get hypnotized?

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