Rik Reviews The New Razor Kit from Harry’s [VIDEO]
I hear the ad all the time on the radio and curiosity finally got to me. I went online to Harry's to order myself a razor set. You know I like to be frugal so I purchased the $15 starter set. I wanted to see what all the hype was so here is my review of Harry's Razors.
Get Eyeglasses For Cheap In Yakima
My daughter, Willow, broke her expensive glasses about two weeks ago. Her father had bought them in Federal Way at LensCrafters, and he said that if they ever broke, I could get them repaired for free at any store location. I was just about to head out to Valley Mall in Union Gap to get them fixed, …
Dr. Strange Takes Marvel Movies To The Next Level – Rik’s Review
I was never the biggest Dr. Strange growing up and I always liked him better in a group setting in such books as The Defenders. I knew his origin and had a few issues but was never fascinated by the character until Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as Dr. Stephen Strange. I loved Cumberbatch in The Imit…

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