Get Buzzed! Yakima Aeromodelers Host R.C. Plane Event This Weekend
Approximately 40 to 60 pilots and nearly 200 remote control aircraft of all types have descended upon the valley to participate in the Yakima Valley Aeromodelers 27th annual Spring Opener. The event kicks off today and continues all weekend just outside of Zillah. It is free to attend and open to th…
How to See Who Hasn’t Accepted Your Friend Request
Do you have anyone waiting in 'Facebook Purgatory'? Where they send you a friend request and you don't accept or ignore it? Sure, it happens. If you want to see who you've sent Facebook requests to to find out who's ignoring your friend request, it's just three clicks a…
Kids Learning to Make Video Games This Summer at YVCC
Your kids love Minecraft and those Lego video games and can't get enough of them. They're creative and have great ideas for video games, themselves. Fortunately, YVCC is holding a weekly summer camp to teach your kids how to program video games!

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