What’s the Deal with Flappy Bird? Play Online For Free Here
I've never even heard of Flappy Bird until this past Saturday when I saw someone playing it on their smartphone. As soon as I saw it (which, to me, looked kind of fun) I've seen it pop up on websites and social media non-stop. With all the hype behind it, I had to check it out.
How to Make a Mixed Drink using Laghing Gas
This is something you can file under 'Things I want to Try but Won't'. The good people at Hard Science speed up the mixing of infused cocktails by using some simple nitrous oxide, or 'laughing gas' as we often refer to it as.
Walk on Water… Kind Of [VIDEO]
Can you walk on water? Chances are that, unless you are our lord and savior, you probably said, "no." Our friends at Hard Science has made a liquid-type substance mixing water and corn starch that, if you produce enough of it, and you're fast enough, you can walk on it...
‘Coin’ Stores All of Your Cards On One Simple Card
About five years ago I had a crazy idea where we could have one card, but depending on which side you swipe, it'd be your debit card, credit card or whatever card you needed. This idea took that to the next level. It's called 'Coin' and you can store debit, credit and gift cards …
How to Hide Bitstrip Comics on Facebook
Okay, I'll admit, I liked the idea of Bitstrips for about a day and a half. Once everyone started jumping on board, I was pretty sick of seeing them in my newsfeed. If you want to remove all Bitstrips from your wall without blocking your friends and without them knowing you've blocked Bits…
A Look at the Hologram on the New $100 Bill [VIDEO]
The other day someone came in with the new $100 bill. I've heard a lot about it's features and how it was going to look, but I was especially interested in seeing the hologram feature on it. I finally got to hold one, even for a few moments, so I had to grab video of it.
Are These ‘76,000 Games in One’ Video Games Legal?
If you popped in the Sundome during the Central Washington State Fair, you have have walked by this display of video games. You might see people playing classic video games like Super Mario Bros and Contra, but how is it legal - or is it? And is there really 76,000 games on there?

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