Are These ‘76,000 Games in One’ Video Games Legal?
If you popped in the Sundome during the Central Washington State Fair, you have have walked by this display of video games. You might see people playing classic video games like Super Mario Bros and Contra, but how is it legal - or is it? And is there really 76,000 games on there?
10 Most Easily Stolen PIN Numbers
Don't get ripped off.
The 10 most commonly used Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) are also the 10 most easily stolen.
If yours is one of these, you may want to consider changing it:

6969For the record, the LEAST used number
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Best New Invention of 2013 ‘Never Wet’
Rust-Oleum’s 'Never Wet,' an invention of Ross Nanotechnology has just hit shelves in the States. It's a super hydrophobic coating that completely repels water and heavy oils,” and you can buy it online at their website for just $20 buck…
Go Green Gadgets!
Check out this cool way to reuse everyday plastic containers. Just another great 'Go Green' idea to help clean up around the house or office. Just use any desired size container or milk jug and cut the handle off just like the picture. Great way to cut down on waste...
Instagram Gets Video As Facebook Challenges Vine
If you have Instagram, check your updates in the app store because there is a new feature that might surprise you. If you weren't aware, Facebook owns Instagram; and to challenge the explosion of the popular video app that Twitter brought to the table with Vine, they did what seemed most logica…

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