The 2016 Celebrity Turkey Bowling to Help Feed the Hungry in Yakima
I was honored, once again, to be a part of the 13th annual Celebrity Turkey Bowling at Grocery Outlet. We saw representatives of the military, the police department, radio, TV, newspaper and more all bowling turkeys for charity. For every strike, Grocery Outlet donates a turkey to the charity of the…
Five Things You Can Do with Your Turkey Leftovers
The day after Thanksgiving you may be stuck with all the leftovers. This is always a great day as there are a lot of things you can do with said leftovers. Instead of just making as many sandwiches as you can with the leftover turkey (and, trust me, there's nothing wrong with that) Here are som…
What Is the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?
How long should you wait until you get thirds? Should you tell Uncle Walter his teeth fell into the cranberry sauce? How do you find the words to describe Aunt Muriel's stuffing without offending her? Good questions all, but none are the most pressing on Thanksgiving.

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