America’s Got Talent: Episode 8 Review
During the judges’ first day in Austin, Texas they clearly saw some of the potential skill and talent that the midwestern city has to offer. Now we’re on day two of their trip to the culturally rich city in tonight’s episode of ‘America&CloseCurl…
America’s Got Talent: Episode 7 Review
The episode tonight places the judges of ‘America’s Got Talent‘ in Austin, Texas. With festivals like SXSW and Fantastic Fest in this town, we figure there’s at least a few of the Austin townfolk who must be pretty talented. At least we hope so…
America’s Got Talent: Episode 3 Review
The show begins with the gigantic text that says “The revolution began,” but what kind of crazy acts will we be able to see this week? Between the crazy dance moves of Turf and awesome musical talents of Tim Hockenberry, San Francisco is a tough act to follow. But we are in New York City, where the …
“DWTS”- The All Star Season is Coming!
After 14 seasons with celebs-turned dancers like Bristol Palin, Mario Lopez, Kate Gosselin, Dancing With The Stars has confirmed that it's first All Star edition! So who is going to be an All Star?

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