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See the Extra Life Racing Sim in Action [VIDEO]
Starting at the Moxee Hop Festival, then at various locations around Yakima in the weeks to come, you'll see this one-on-one racing video game you can play for a chance to win a Playstation 4. See it in action as John Riggs (that's me!) races against Extra Life-Yakima's own Daniel Tho…
‘E.T.’ for the Atari 2600 Isn’t That Bad [REVIEW]
No doubt by now you've heard that an excavation team was digging up the old landfill in New Mexico that was fabled to be full of "E.T." carts for the Atari 2600. Yes, they found some "E.T." games, but also found several others games. Many looked to be in working order.
The reason …
Jane Lynch Cosplays at Her Own Character in Wreck-it Ralph
In the movie Wreck-It Ralph Jane Lynch is the voice of Calhoun from the fictional game Hero's Duty. She plays a rough, military-type character with futuristic weapons. Even her character in the film shares her likeness so it only makes sense that she dressed up like her and looks spot-on. See f…
Nintendo Game Starring Me, John Riggs [VIDEO]
Everyone has hobbies. Some knit or cross-stitch. Others may like to make model planes or make remixes of their favorite songs. Me? I love to play video games. It was a life-long dream of mine to be featured in a Nintendo game and I can happily say that, after so many years of video game playing, I h…
Are These ‘76,000 Games in One’ Video Games Legal?
If you popped in the Sundome during the Central Washington State Fair, you have have walked by this display of video games. You might see people playing classic video games like Super Mario Bros and Contra, but how is it legal - or is it? And is there really 76,000 games on there?
Justin Bieber Surprises Fans Testing Out ‘Just Dance 4′ Game
Belieber Dreams really do come true. Test groups of Beliebers were invited to try out the new 'Just Dance 4' game  at the company's offices. Groups of three and four ladies were shaking their bootays and dancing like no one was watching, totally unaware that their hero Justin Bieber was on site, tak…
PETA Blasts Pokémon For Promoting Animal Abuse
While the critters of  Pokémon are animal-like, you can't actually find Pikachu and his buddies in earth's animal kingdom.
Which is why PETA's recent attack on the popular Nintendo characters has many people scratching their heads.

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