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Before Pong & The Video Game Revolution
I saw a picture of this and it reminded me when this was what kids played with before video games. We can thank the British Engineer Denys Fisher who invented it and first sold it in 1965. It is still sold to this day by the well known toy company Hasbro...
Nintendo Unveils New Details On Wii U System [VIDEO]
On Sunday at E3, Nintendo had a lot more details on their anticipated sequel to their Wii system, the Wii U. Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata says that Wii U will bring people together, uniting them whether they’re in the same room or great distances apart.
Black Eyed Peas New Video Game
Get ready to get your groove on with The Black Eyed Peas.  They  have a brand new video game coming out for the Xbox and Wii, Check it out.
Sony Playstation Network Was Hacked
You know your mom who doesn't trust anyone with anything and that all computers are bad? She may be on to something. After rumors for the past week that hackers got into the Playstation Network (PSN), Sony has finally admitted that it was, indeed, hacked - including all of your information.

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