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Frictional Games Brings SOMA for PS4 and PC
The Electronics Entertainment Expo (or E3) is coming soon and with that comes previews of all the hot new videos being released in the near future. I saw the preview for this game from the makers of the very awesome Amnesia and Penumbra series and thought it was worth showcasing.
My 10 Favorite Games in the Internet Arcade [PLAY FOR FREE]
Recently the guys who run the Internet Archive have decided to archive a lot of old video games. We're talking over 900 classic video games that you can play right through your Internet browser.With so many options, where to begin? Sure, you've heard of Frogger, Space Invaders and many others on thi…
Gamers Raised $5.1 Million During Extra Life Gaming Marathon
This past weekend was the Extra Life video game marathon.
It gave gamers a chance to play video games for 24 hours straight, requesting donations for the good of the cause. Players chose the local children's charity of their choice and started playing. This year, the national total came to $5,10…

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