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New Traffic Law Could Cost You a $136 Ticket
Washington state has to have some of the stiffest traffic laws in the United States. Now the Washington State Patrol, and many motorists, are fed up with a certain pet peeve of driving that could get you a $136 ticket.
Where to Find the Best Gas Station Restroom in Washington
During my car trips, I usually opt to stop by a gas station rather than a rest area to use the restroom. Gives me a chance to grab a snack and, often, the bathrooms are a little cleaner and nicer. GasBuddy listed the best bathrooms in each state. Think you know where to find the best gas station bat…
WSU Looking for Volunteers to Smoke Marijuana. Any Takers?
Washington State University is developing a breathalyzer that detects marijuana, and researchers for the project are hoping volunteers will step up for the sake of science and technology and provide their services. They're asking people to smoke marijuana -- for science!
LuLaRoe Convention is Coming to Kennewick
A while back I was talking about how I just found out about LuLaRoe and why ladies were so interested in them. I guess there's more interest than I thought because at the Toyota Center in Kennewick there's going to be what sounds like a LuLaRoe convention.

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