Charlie Sheen continues to make headlines as the bad boy of Hollywood...I think he should learn from Robert Downey Jr. before it gets worse for sure...

The ongoing ickiness that is the Charlie Sheen situation has left CBS facing a dilemma about its hit show, "Two and a Half Men."

After apparently turning a blind eye to Sheen's obvious issues for what seems like eons, things have finally gotten so bad that the network has stopped production on the hit sitcom while Sheen is in rehab. At home. Or something.

As an Associated Press story reports, this is all putting CBS in the position of possibly "losing the lucrative sitcom forever because of troubled star Charlie Sheen.

The network and series producer Warner Bros. Television have potentially hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in the return of TV's top-rated comedy next season."

So far, 16 of the season's planned 24 episodes have been shot, according to the story. Those will air Feb. 7 and 14. The AP story continues:

"To cover after that, CBS has ordered two extra episodes of "Rules of Engagement" and may increase its order for another sitcom as well as rely on "Two and a Half Men" repeats.

No other comedy has the drawing power of "Men," which even in reruns averages bigger audiences (10.6 million, according to the Nielsen Co.) than first-run episodes of other network comedies, except for ABC's "Modern Family" (14.6 million)."

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