Looking to grab a something to drink at the store, I saw they had this Cheerwine next to the Pepsi. Even though the label said 'since 1917', I've never heard of it. I had to give it a try.

Again, the label says 'since 1917', so why haven't I heard of it? I guess it was made and distributed mostly in the south for the past century. Only semi-recently has it found a cult-like following and, now, thanks to Pepsi, the distribution is all over, including here in Yakima, Washington.

Although I thought it said Cherry Wine at first, I still thought there was a definite cherry flavor to it. Not as sweet as straight up 'cherry' flavoring, but not as subdued as a Cherry Coke or Black Cherry Pepsi. It was pretty good!

There is a slight medicinal taste, though. There are some countries that don't like the taste of root beer because it tastes like a common medicine they use. Could you imagine drinking something that tasted like icy-hot or bengay? If you have problems taking cherry cough syrup, for instance, I'd probably skip Cheerwine.

It's a good alternative. I'll probably grab more in the future. I'm still a Pepsi fan, but Cheerwine is one of those pops (or soda if you're from another part of the country) that can go with just about anything from pizza to sushi.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?