For years, we've been frugal, just like you. We try not to discard old cds, documents, broken furniture and so much more. You never know, we might need it. Well, after hoarding all kinds of stuff for the past 15+ years, our events coordinator grabbed a couple of dumpsters and, anything we don't need, we were advised to just trash. Here are a few interesting items I found in our day of spring cleaning.

  • My Personnel File

    We had the personnel file of just about every past KFFM DJ from Harrison Wood to 'Jammin' Justin all the way to myself. Although there were a few names even I didn't recognize, they've all gotta! I had a peek at mine. It was pretty boring. No big complaints or letters of warning or anything.

  • Unknown Autographs

    Not as much as they used to, but artists would, often, send us an 8x10 glossy autographed along with their single in hopes that we'd play their song. We found a few stacks of these that were autographed. They may as well been signed by my neighbor, it didn't make us play their song any more than not.

  • Lots of 'Chicago Steak' seasoning

    I'm not sure what makes this particular combination of spices 'Chicago' flavored, but I found a box full of these. I think they're still good. After thinking about it, I believe they came from a Taste of Home Cooking School we did a couple of years ago.

    I also found boxes of dry turkey gravy mix, but we believed those to have expired so, better safe than sorry, better dump'em.

  • Reel-to-Reels

    Before we could download entire shows and before they came on CD, we would get a lot of our audio on these. Think like giant cassette reels that we would string up and play in analog.

  • Old Awards

    We found several awards that we had won over the years. Although we were truly gratful to win these at the time, we have more current ones to hang up. It's a pretty unnearving feeling if you go to a restaurant that proudly boasts 'Voted Best Restaurant of 2006' which makes me wonder why they didn't win 2007 - 2014.