I'm a huge fan of fair food; especially when it's new. I was first in line when we were introduced to deep fried butter to the Central Washington State Fair a couple of years ago, but what about deep fried pie? The name alone was enough to peak my curiosity.

The stand was huge as I could see it all the way down the lane. Even the name 'Deep Fried Pie' - it's a triple win as I love all three of those words. I had to ask about it.

She said the pies are the fruit pocket-style pie (think Hostess fruit pie, but fresh) that's fried, drizzled with cinnamon and sugar and can be topped with ice cream if you wish.

Their best seller is the caramel apple pie which is fine by me as that's the one I would've ordered in the first place. It was fantastic! The apples were done perfectly, the caramel was fantastic and it was just about the perfect size. I had to get it ala mode which I would highly recommend as when the ice cream melts into it a little it creates a delicious, gooey mess.

They run $7 which is reasonable for fair food. An extra $2 to add ice cream which is highly recommended. I'm looking forward to trying one of the other many flavors they have later on.

Have you tried it? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Photo: John Riggs