Hello.. For Right Now I AM LATE BUT I Was Just Told By My Fans and Rockkin' Kelly West That I NEED To Sign Up ASAP! I Am a Local DJ For The New Dirt Track In Union Gap, As Well as DJ AND KARAOKE HOST at The Pastime In Selah! I DJ and Announce EveryWeek 3 Days a Week and Host Karaoke at Skateland Friday Nights as a Special Guest DJ LEVITICUSS BUT!! Looking For More Than 15-16 Hours a Week! I Perform Rap and Hip-Hop Thats Family Friendly and AM Very Comfortable Speaking/Announcing/Reaching Out To Large Crowds and Have Radio Airtime Experience! Such as Commercials, Interviews and My Songs I Wrote Played Over The Air. I Am Very Energetic and Have a Good VOICE FOR AIRCHECK ESPECIALLY (thats what people in yakima say) Being The Leader and DJ My Qualities Are Making People Happy and If That Doesnt Work, I AM ALWAYS ABLE TO Get THEM IN A HAPPY MOOD TO COME BACK FOR MORE AND DANC E! 107.3 IS MADE FOR ME, YOU MAY NOT SEE, IM ONLY 19 WORKING TILL 3AM BUT I AM THE DJ AND THE VOICE NEEDED FOR 107.3 WHEN IT COMES TO BEING ACTIVELY INVOLVED WITH YAKIMA'S OWN RADIO STATION! If I Dont Get This Job NOW, You Will Get My Application Later! Thank You -DJ LEVITICUSS