Today was something special that I don't recall the local schools doing. They invited all of the parents and children to a free breakfast and then invited the parents to their children's classrooms to read Dr. Seuss books. We had a blast!

The staff was dressed like Dr. Seuss characters from The Cat in the Hat to The Lorax. Children were also encouraged to dress like their favorite character or they could simply wear their pajamas to school. Most opted for the latter.

The breakfast wasn't bad! French toast sticks with pears, an orange slice, orange/pineapple juice and chocolate milk. From there we were ushered into our children's classrooms. My wife went with our 1st grade daughter, Lily, and I went with our 3rd grade daughter, Laura, to read some Dr. Seuss books.

We had enough time for her to read three books to me.

I thought this was a fun idea and I hope other schools do this more often. It involves the parents to see what it's like in their classroom atmosphere.

This ordeal was made possible by the Whitney Boosters. These funds come from donations and fundraisers like selling chocolates that most schools do. That's why I think it's always a good idea to buy a box or two, just to help out.