I was invited to breakfast at my daughter's school for free (thanks, Whitney Boosters!) I optioned for french toast sticks, a quarter of an orange, pears that were colored green and red, orange/pineapple juice and a bag of chocolate milk.

Wait. a bag of milk?

It's been a while, but I'll never get over that milk comes in bags. You puncture a straw anywhere in the bag and drink from there. I was always a fan of opening the carton and drinking it straight from the carton. You know, like I do at home.

Forcing you to drink from a straw the size of a coffee stirrer did make it seem to last longer, but my suction skills aren't all too great. It's the same reason I have to drink a milkshake with a spoon.

Anyways, in case you were curious, here's what school breakfast looks like now. I felt like I had plenty to eat and we had a great time.