Chris Medina is the guy to watch on last night's American Idol. He had a heart wrenching story and a great voice... He will be an early favorite and can't wait until Hollywood week to see more of him.

On Wednesday, "Idol" headed to Wisconsin, the land of cheese and Danny Gokey--which, come to think of it, are kind of the same thing. Heh. And after a couple of "kindler, gentler" episodes that were surprisingly light on trainwreck auditions, the show was back to its old tricks, with plenty of cheesy contestants that had newbie judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler slinging barbs that Simon Cowell would sell his entire black T-shirt collection to come up with.

"Steven, you are INSANE!" howled Randy Jackson. And sure enough, there was plenty of insanity (including a couple ill-advised Gaga and J.Lo covers, a dental hygiene PSA, a bunch of wannabe Biebers, and plenty of inappropriate Tyler flirting) to follow. But by the end of the night, the panel had discovered some truly exceptional talent, and one sob story to rival even widower Gokey's. It was the best crop of contenders yet this season.

via Episode 3: 'American Idol' Auditions In The Land Of Cheese - Reality Rocks.