Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's split has the latter really messed up in the game, as evident in his recent tearful posts on Instagram. While some people are feeling really bad for the reality show star with the broken heart, others are saying he should have known better.

Rob's pitiful videos are making their rounds, with people chiming in on the predicament he's found himself in. Bronx MC Don Q offered his thoughts on the situation, and he won't take part in the pity party. "U can't feel sorry for niggas like this...he's a bozo for letting a bitch like that get close to him...r y'all really surprised??," he captioned a screen shot of one of Rob's videos on Instagram.

Fabolous chimed in, commenting under Don's post, "Sounds like some punchlines to me. What you think?," along with laughing emojis. We can probably expect at least one line about the situation from the King of Current Events on his next song.

While Fab and Don Q don't feel sorry for Rob at all, The Game has offered him a shoulder to cry on. Chuck recently offered his condolences to the Kardashian bro in the wake of the breakup. “This is really fucking sad because I know your heart and I was actually genuinely happy for you having your 1st child," he commented under one of Rob's videos. "We used to talk about you being a dad one day & here it is..& you have to put [sic] thru this. I’m truly sorry for what you are going through. I’m here.”

Strangely, Game might be part of the reason that the former couple parted ways.

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