With the new year quickly approaching, most like to celebrate with an end of the year party. Well, not everyone gets invited to parties and not everyone likes leaving the house to a bar or club so you may opt to just spend it at home. Here are a few things you can do to celebrate New Year's Eve at home.

Watch Network Television
Sometimes I'll flip through the channels to see which ones have what artists or bands performing. The three main networks usually have some type of celebrity-driven celebration.

Play Board Games / Video Games
A great way to keep your brain active so you don't get tired before the stroke of midnight. Keep active by mentally challenging yourself. Or, when in doubt, Candy Land will work just fine.

Cook Something Extravagant
This is kind of a stretch, but since you're trying to stay away until midnight, why not cook something for the sake of creating something as opposed to your usual 'how fast can I make something to eat'. Baking a turkey comes to mind. You don't need a holiday to enjoy turkey, either. Just make it, remove all the meat and enjoy the leftovers for the next week.

Get an early start on spring cleaning. This is something I need to do in a bad, bad way. Especially after two weeks of my kids being home on winter break.

Go to Bed Early
Not always a popular option, but consider it. Since everyone else will be partying the night before, you can do, basically, whatever you want the next morning while everyone else is sleeping in. You'll have the whole town to yourself! Sure, some businesses will be closed, but not all.