Just about every weekend you see various schools and other charity organizations all doing a car wash? Why? Are our cars that dirty that, instead of going through an auto wash or doing it ourselves that we'd let a bunch of kids wash our cars for us? Well, not really. They're just collection funds to purchase new uniforms and other things that aren't in the school budget. When I was in High School we were to come up with the plane ticket to fly to Reno to sing in with our choir. Many opted for the traditional car wash. Certainly there's something else we can do that isn't a car wash. Here are five fundraisers that Yakima schools should consider instead of defaulting to the car wash.

  • Oil Changes

    Anyone can wash a car, but not too many people like getting their oil changed. In fact, I know several people who actually don't change their oil (believe it or not), they wait until they absolutely have to or they just keep adding oil to what they already have. That's insane. I'm sure there'd be a great call for a school to team up with someone else or use YV-Tech's automotive repair class to have oil changes for charity.

    Flickr, Robert Couse-Baker
  • Popeye's Chicken Run

    We, in Yakima, have pretty decent chicken. My favorite is at the Wray's on 56th and Summitview, but it's not Popeye's. Much like how some schools in the area do Krispy Kreme donut runs, we need a Popeye's chicken run. They pick up a bunch of chicken, keep it in a warmer and race it back to Yakima. The closest location we have is in Puyallup. Especially if you place your order ahead of time, this could be a great draw for fundraising.

    Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits
  • Babysitting Service

    Here's my planned scenario: Find a nice, large, local place like a Gymnastics Plus that you can dump your kids off at for an hour, then walk across the parking lot to Hoops and enjoy a drink with your wife. That's it! That's all you need. Just a quick 1-hour babysitting service to enjoy a meal without feeding your own kids and pick them up afterwards. Even if it's not at Gymnastics Plus, even if they set up the high school gym with a bunch of fun activities - same idea. Drop them off, one hour of alone time and pick them up. I think it could work.

    Flickr, alaina.buzas
  • Personal Stylist

    Let's be honest, we, as adults, don't know how to look cool anymore. We wear what we thought was cool when we were in high school. And we can't wear what kids wear today because that makes us look especially un-cool. The solution? Get today's high school kids and, for a charitable donation, they can pick out a wardrobe for us based on our style. They, as the youth of today, can pick out something that we could wear that our significant other would dig and that kids wouldn't make fun of me behind my back for.

    Flickr, Elin B
  • Computer Maintenance

    What soccer mom doesn't need help with their computer? You'll get a virus or some kind of malware or computer isn't running as fast as it used to run, bring it down to the school to have someone look at it for you and clean your computer safely. If someone had a computer virus and, instead of dumping it to get a new computer, you made a humble donation to the school, I bet they'd be ecstatic, making a much greater donation than you'd probably get with any car wash you tried to have. Just a thought.

    Flickr, Richard Corfield