It happens to be 'National Revise your Work Schedule Month'!!!

So, what are we supposed to do in honor of this...event?

I'm guessing we, as a nation, are supposed to reevaluate how we spend our time. Don't get me wrong, as a "work-a-holic" with 3 jobs, I'm not saying filling your day making ends meet is a bad thing. Money is and always will be important, but let's reevaluate, or revise, our priorities and look at our free time.

For some, free time doesn't exist or things like spending quality time with friends and family is high on the "To-Do" list. Where is the "me" time? When do you get to take care of yourself? Let's free-up an hour and get to the gym! There are so many programs and promotions going on to help you get back into shape. It's not that expensive, it's not that time consuming, and for most, it's NOT going to be easy.

Don't you want your friends and family to lead long, HEALTHY lives? Make quality time with family and friends fun times at the gym...