Glow sticks are available all year round but they seem to be more popular during the Halloween season for keeping your children nice and bright while they're out trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, glow sticks are made of a soft, plastic material that can easily be punctured by biting or bent too hard so they break own. The liquid inside is poisonous so if you think your child has accidentally got some on their skin or even in their mouth, here's what you should do.

Call Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

They say there's no need to rush them to the ER. Call poison control first and they'll walk you through what you should do.

When it comes to your child's safety, there is nothing that goes without saying. Here are a few other quick Halloween safety tips.

  • Have adults inspect bags of candy.
  • If it's not pre-wrapped from a non-trusted source, don't trust it. Best to toss it.
  • Keep candy away from small children for choking hazard reasons.
  • Keep chocolate away from dogs.

And if you have any tips, please place them in the comments below.

For more, you can always visit Washington Poison Center online.