Nobody likes to get pulled over. Even if you know you've done nothing wrong, when you see those flashing lights behind you, you're praying they're for someone else and your heart sinks deep into your stomach. I assure you they don't have a personal vendetta against you, they're just trying to make sure everyone is safe -- especially you.

To make sure your traffic stop is as stress-free as possible, here's what you should know and what you can expect.

The first thing you should know is that if you're getting pulled over, it's not always a bad thing. Sure, sometimes you may have been speeding or maybe you weren't buckled up (shame, shame), but it also may be for a broken brake light you weren't aware of.

Here are a few tips to let the offer know you have nothing to hide:

  • Stay in your car.
  • If you're asked to get out, do so calmly and give officers their personal space. They will approach you.
  • Keep your hands in plain sight, preferably on the steering wheel.
  • If you're pulled over at night, turn on your internal lights.
  • No need to argue with police officers as they're just doing their job. If you have a complaint, take it to court.
  • Most importantly, don't do anything stupid.

Again, they're only pulling you over for everyone's safety, including your own. If you calmly answer the officer's questions, there's a great chance that you might get out of a ticket. No need to lie about anything, just act calm and casual. And, if you get a ticket (as most of us have), so be it.